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Bleach Lozenge Inserts for

Periodontal troubles

What's the first thing people notice about you when you meet them? If you're a lady it's those sweater puppies you're smuggling. But right after your chest, it's your smile! But if your smile isn't up to snuff, whether from coffee stains or pounding bathtub energy drinks, you've gotta try BLIP.


BLIP will find those stains where they're hiding and smoke 'em out with the brightening surfectant power of liquid bleach. Just like our boys did in Vietnam.

You should smile more! And BLIP will help make that happen!

The Cleansing Power of Bleach

Our Services

We've ruined lots of clothes because the bleach stripped the color out of it. Wait till you see what it can do for your teeth. You'll be shocked and pleasantly surprised!

Teeth Are
For Eating

If you're an eater like me,

you NEED those teeth. And nothing's more pleasant than eating with clean chompers. 

Please don't eat immediately following BLIP usage.

The Pain Means It's Working

Don't get frustrated if it feels like your teeth are screaming that just means it's working. And it's working overtime to bring your smile back from the dead!

Safe For The

When disposed of at the proper hazardous waste facility BLIP can't poison any local rivers or streams. And that's a BLIP guarantee.


Teeth. Clean teeth. Shiny Teeth. Teeth. Gotta have teeth. Look at those teeth. Beautiful beautiful teeth. I want to keep all the shinies in my tooth pocket.

Never Stop Smiling

With BLIP's subscription program you'll never forget your bleach inserts and be left with grungy grimey molars before a big wedding or reunion.


“My teeth have never been whiter and taking the used insert to the hazardous waste facility was so easy.”

Puce Higgins
CEO of KeyWestWines.Net


Put us in your mouth already!

We're almost cleared by the FDA for over the counter sales. We just have to file the paperwork to start the process and probably hire a lawyer and then we assume Boom, we're done. But nothing says we can't just do a deal between the two of us without that pesky government getting in the way. You don't mind using an untraceable currency like bitcoin do you?

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