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I'd Like to Sign Up

WOAH! We were not expecting this response. We're just two fellas who go soft between the legs when we see ugly gross teeth. Please bear with us as we work to bring in new inventory but we are not accepting new BLIP subscriptions as this time.

I'm already a subscriber

Not to worry! We know how addictive the feeling of clean teeth are. Jesus even talks about it in the bible. Don't look it up it's a different bible. But rest easy because your subscription will be uninterrupted during this time. You'll still receive your regular shipment of Blip along with threatening notes to remind you to use them.

When can I sign up?

It's hard to say as the last motorboat got picked up by Homeland as it was making its way over from Cuba. BUT if you sign up on our mailing list you'll be the first to know when Blip is available again. Our advice is just to keep your mouth absolutely closed in the meantime.

I feel weird when I see beautiful teeth...

That's called Odontophilia and it's TOTALLY NORMAL. We're working to raise awareness of it in the community. In the meantime please reach out and we'll help point you toward some dentists who can sell you some erotic photos of teeth that they've taken.

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