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Stand with Us

Justice For the Lobster King

The Lobster King is being railroaded by Big Seafood. Forced to stand trial as a puppet to larger interests that lay claim to the lobsters claiming them as their own. The Lobster King rejects that theory. He knows these babies toil, claws bound, staring you in the face as you finger them for your dinner. Well enough is enough.

Buy this merch to let him know the residents of Fahkahatchee stand with him.

Young Smiling Lawyer


Mike Hammer, Esq.

Justice Development Expert for the Lobster King

I'm Mike Hammer, the defense attorney for the Lobster King. I'm fighting tooth and claw to keep a folk hero from ending up in the clink. While the end seems almost in sight, I'm not gonna quit.

I'll take the case all the way to the supreme court if there's money in it.

I stand with the Lobster King.

Do you?

He's Fighting

Will You Fight With Us?


Wear your support

Sure you can tell people you support the lobster king but you might be one of those liars they do expose's of on 20/20 put your sea dollars where your mouth is and wear your pride on your sleeve... err leggings. Shirts are surprising expensive in Florida, probably because there's no demand for them.

Where we're taking the fight next

Aquariums, seafood buffets, glass bottomed boats that let people pay to spy (peeping toms) on citizens of the deep. This is not okay. And it's time for it to stop. When we wrap the Lobster King case I'm gonna find Big Seafood and tear them a new hole.

Be Heard

What's Fakahatchee Saying?

Mike Hammer

"He's a totally chill guy and not the trench coat wearing lobster munching addict the state is trying to portray him as."

Richie P.

"As a garbageman I've sworn an affidavit that says that I have indeed seen LK's art. It's primal... raw... haunting. The kind of art that gets under your skin."

Brooke M.

"He handed me a lobster from his pants while I was riding the street car. At first I was like WTH? But then I was like 'Hey free lobster."

Contact Me 

Mike Hammer Industries


Fakahatchee Road, FL 

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