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Bigger than just one man

We're Fighting For Justice

With BOTH Claws

Image by Daniel Norris


Unsung Folk Hero

The Lobster King

This has obviously been a grueling process for the Lobster King but he's asked no matter what happens in his groundbreaking court case that you keep sending letters of support. And if you wanted to pay a skywriter to write something up in the big blue yonder about him ​well that would be pretty cool with him too. 

He's barely eating. His face his gaunt. 

He needs your support.

Totally Not Guilty

He fights for babies

Look at that baby to the right.

Well that's what a mother lobster sees when she looks at her youngun. And that's what the Lobster King sees when he walks into some snooty restaurant proudly displaying their caged lobsters by the front door.


Now look at that baby again and tell me that if you saw it with rubber bands on its hands, jammed into a fish tank with thirty other babies that you wouldn't duct tape it to yourself and flee the scene on a city bus in an attempt to rescue it and its brother and sisters.  The person who wouldn't is the true monster my friend. And those monsters are the ones who've got him on trial.

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