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Spooky? Terrifying? We don't think so. We think every ghost counts. And we want ghosts to know 'they're seen.'



We're not just Moms with too much free time on our hands- some of us are Dads too! But we're a like-minded bunch of people that believe ghosts should be protected and given civil rights. We can't just kick them out of town- some of them have been living here longer than we have!

Over the last two years we've worked to build a coalition to raise awareness and boost the collective understanding of these spectral entitites that may initially be frightening or confusing especially when they're rattling chains from god knows where or clumsily showing you your spooky future because you're a grim miser. 

We recognize that not everyone has time to give so we'll definitely take your money. And if you don't have money your time is even more valuable. We always need volunteers to go into 'spooky' abandoned asylums and help count and catalog the ghosts that reside there. And we always need people to march in front of Walmart with signs.

If we don't fight for the ghosts who will?


Some of the companies right here in Fakahatchee feel the same way as we do. They give us their support so you should help support them.

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