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Together we can make a difference. From putting the chains back in a ghoul's hand to making sure a poltergeist has a tv of their own to turn to static in the middle of the night. They were the best* of us now it's our turn to help shoulder their burden.

*This does not include the confederate army ghosts that haunt Brach's hill. 


We're always working to help spectral entities! Here's but a short list of the projects we're hoping to implement. Keep in mind we are focused on spectral entity outreach only. We do not help with vampyr or wolfman issues as there are already groups doing outreach in these areas. 



Who are we fighting for? Every month we go to old asylums, ghost towns and murder locations nearby to get an accurate account of who's haunting and where so we can update our files and best target our efforts.

Haunt Relocation

Some spirits just can't stay where they are. We're not unreasonable. We recognize this. So when it was time to reopen the waterpark, we worked to get Joey (phantom, died on ThunderWavvve from head wound) moved to a new location where he could haunt in more private location.


Working with psychic psychologists we've been able to make huge strides in potentially helping several banshees move on from this corporeal world. Or we assume. On one occasion it turns out we were sitting in an empty room the whole time.


Don't stand on the sidelines. Get involved in the fight to get our oldest residents the respect they deserve and the chains they need to rattle.

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